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Meet Suzanne Young

Owner / Photographer / Content Creation

Suzanne Owner at Vella Crew


Suzanne Young is the owner of Vella Crew. She created the business having experience and skill in video production, directing, web development, marketing, and digital design. Connecting with clients to achieve their goals drives Suzanne’s passion for the industry. 


Suzanne is also mother to her two boys Elliot(6) and Lucas(2), and wife to videographer Phillip Young. Together they love traveling and being outdoors. They especially love the water and can be found swimming in the pool or floating on a paddle board!

Photography Maryville Tennessee Photography Maryville Tennessee Photography Maryville Tennessee


This love for life allows Suzanne to connect to her work from varying perspectives. These perspectives offer clients a unique yet stunning quality product. Whether capturing the whimsy of a doughnut or designing for a rustic venue, Suzanne leads Vella Crew with extreme expertise and finesse.


Suzanne created Vella Crew as a full-spectrum design and marketing conglomerate. She is on a quest to create a tailored design to grow your business and your brand. From start to finish she will help design all your company’s creative marketing and development needs. Her team of web and SEO can make your brand a lasting impression. 

Vella Crew

Our mission is to spread inspiration to the world with all that we do and every message we create. We pour our hearts into our clients. Our creative team at Vella Crew includes stylists, photographers, videographers, directors, designers, social media experts, and content creators that bring life to a brand all across the globe. From market research to mission and vision, to logo and identity design, we help clients develop a consistent brand and experience across multiple marketing channels.

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