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Vella Crew is a full service digital media agency. With over 40 years of combined experience in branding, content creation, marketing, e-commerce and project management. We specialize in the e-commerce food, fashion and entertainment industry’s. 

Philip young

Philip Young

A proven DP, videographer, cinematographer, and lighting technician with strong collaborative skills. Philip is a visual storyteller and cinematographer with a passion for composing great images with authentic storytelling.

Philip holds a Part 107 certification and a FAA Drone Pro certified.

Accomplished at bringing the director’s vision to screen, Philip is committed to high-quality creative work while maintaining a strong work ethic and sense of urgency.

Suzanne Young

Enthralling with her lens and shaping brand aesthetics, Suzanne Young stands at the nexus of creativity and business strategy. With an indomitable passion for the arts from an early age, Suzanne harnessed her love for visual storytelling into a thriving career as a fashion and product photographer and videographer.


Beyond technical prowess, Suzanne is a strategic thinker with a keen eye for branding. Her work extends beyond framing the perfect shot; she visualizes the narrative that will resonate with audiences and elevate the brands she works with. This dual role — as both artist and brand architect — has seen her forge impactful collaborations and drive significant growth for businesses.

Cari Stanley

I have always been passionate about crafting compelling messages and engaging with audiences through effective email campaigns. I have gained extensive experience in this field and have a solid understanding of the strategies and techniques required to drive successful email marketing campaigns.

Jennifer Austin

Jennifer Austin

As someone with a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining strong relationships with clients, I am confident in my ability to help your business thrive. My experience in account management has equipped me with the skills needed to effectively communicate with clients, address their needs, and provide top-notch customer service.


Molly Duncan

Molly Duncan

UT intern in the videography department

Sharon Shepard

Sharon Shepard

Sharon Shepard has a passion for tech and art combined. She designs websites, email marketing and ad placement to make the creative content work for the client.