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branded content

Create something that inspires.

Right now, content is arguably the most valuable extension of your brand. Your content tells your story, and with us, the sky is the limit. From content creation to social media strategy and more, our award-winning teams create quality content that converts.

tell a story

engage & entertain

We work with our partners across industries to increase the trust and loyalty of new and existing customers. Based on your business goals, target audiences and brand values, we craft original content by implementing a variety of techniques that can resonate with your consumers in different ways. We flow all of our branded content offerings into your brand’s media campaigns to help grow social media engagement, followers, website visits and conversions.


Video Production

Our team concepts, scripts, directs and produces creative videos to tell your brand’s story and inspire meaningful action.


Vella Crew Studio Photography Knoxville 4


Our team produces visual storytelling that helps showcase your brand in digital and emerging environments.

We style your photo shoot according to your brand guide.

We style and photograph for new clothing seasons and brands. 

We photograph for Ecommerce sites like Amazon and Shopify.

We photograph for restaurants and beverage companies.


Animated Content

Our animators create engaging content that captures the attention of audiences at all phases of the customer journey, while incorporating strategic calls to action from stop motion to gifs. 


Email Marketing

We build intuitive ecommerce and email marketing experiences to seamlessly navigate users to purchase and come back for more.

We use email marketing software like Kaylvio to best results. 

Are designers create custom art for best engagement.

We work with you on a monthly basis with data analysis.