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Tokers Inc’s eCommerce Development

How does a local CBD products shop use branding to help compete against today’s established cannabinoid companies? We’re thrilled to share one of our latest projects for Tokers Inc’s eCommerce Development. For this web project, our first step was creating a brand identity. Logo, photography, social media content, and eCommerce design were all tied together through a precise selection of colors and typography. The ultimate goal is to create a unique aesthetic that represents the shopping experience.


Tokers, Inc.'s Ecommerce Development Tokers, Inc.'s Ecommerce Development Tokers, Inc.'s Ecommerce Development


Logo Design

A well-designed logo proves your business cares about its quality and the products it sells. Also, it shows that you’re dedicated to your content and how your shoppers perceive your company. So, an outstanding logo is essential for consumers to recognize your ecommerce business as genuinely committed to every aspect of your brand. Tokers, Inc.'s Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Development

Your eCommerce website is similar to the stores in the mall where the first impression matters. An attractive window display will invite customers in and well-organized products will encourage them to browse and buy.

Tokers, Inc.'s Ecommerce Development

About Tokers, Inc.

Toker’s, Inc. is a new cannabinoid store located in Maryville, Tennessee. They carry a great selection of edible CBD & Delta-8 treats from gummies to chocolates and more!

Create a Digital Community

Social media is a smart place to have a presence. Therefore, many brands forget about fans who aren’t necessarily customers. These fans love what you represent, even if they may not buy what you’re selling. Or, they love you and buy from you, but not as frequently as your biggest customers. Yet they are much more valuable than customers who buy frequently because they’re responsible for spreading word-of-mouth marketing that brings you new traffic and sales.

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