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Hi, I’m Suzanne, Owner of Vella Crew

Be the one that works the hardest. Be the one that put’s others first. Be the one that will make sacrifices for others. These are just some of the ways I strive to live.

If you’re not loving what you are doing then take the steps to get there. I love my work, I love all clients. It’s important to me to work hard and continue to grow my skill sets where ever I am.

My Vision

Being a visionary and creative, I have always been an entrepreneur. I began Vella Crew in 2014 on one crappy laptop sitting in an apartment that was 500 sq ft at best. I had a dream and a vision and I could not be stopped. I grew Vella Crew into a successful, small business.

We are now moving into an additional direction in co-producing movies and series in 2021. I’m excited to land the title of the first female co-producer for TikTok’s first streaming movie platform. 

My Faith

Walk by faith and not by sight.  I have learned to lean in closer, slow down a bit more and take those beautiful moments with my two boys. The most important thing is God and family, not your work. Learn to be a good listener. Be the leader God made you to be. 

Our expert team. Who we are.

At Vella Crew, we’re obsessed with great design. We’re driven by a desire to create authentic, beautiful, and powerful brand experiences for our clients and ourselves.
Our mission at Vella Crew might be a little different than most agencies. You might hear fancy verbiage at other places that make no damn sense. It’s our mission to give you badass work without any of the fancy BS. It’s that simple.
web design knoxville tennessee
Suzanne Young

Owner/Producer/Marketing and Branding

web design knoxville tennessee
Philip Young


web design knoxville tennessee
Sharon Shepard

Web Designer/SEO Specialist

web design knoxville tennessee
Fa Campos

Graphic Designer

Welcome to VellaCrew, the beginning of something truly wonderful! Let’s get started creating something beautiful.