our four stages of SEO

Techincal SEO

Generally technical SEO analysis is the first step in most programs. First-time clients generally always undergo an initial technical review, followed by regular technical checkups throughout the course of an engagement.

What’s Covered in our Technical Reviews:

  • Site Crawling
  • Site Indexing
  • Site Structure
  • Site Speed
  • Site Management
SEO Audit

How Does an SEO Audit Work?

We’ll start with a kickoff call to better understand your business, marketing goals, and target audience. From there, we’ll start the Keyword Audit process to research and identify strategic target keywords for your website. Then, our SEO experts will dive into our site review with a focus on three core segments – Technical Audit, Content Audit and Link Audit.

We will analyze against a specific set of SEO best practices and score them using an easy-to-understand scoring system. We will then provide insight and actionable recommendations to improve upon these findings, which will also provide great examples for future SEO strategies.

SEO Launch

SEO Website Redesign Support:

  • Website Redesign Requirements: We will provide SEO feedback on your design comps, wire frames, and site maps.
  • Search Friendliness: We will provide insight into SEO best practices, particularly elements that are important to your development team.
  • Redirection: We will inventory key website pages that will need 301 redirects put in place prior to launch, so your current pages do not lose their value.
  • Optimization: We will research, identify, and map your target keywords to these specific webpages to ensure your pages are properly optimized.
  • Google Tools: We will review Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools before, during, and after launch to monitor and support the site launch.
SEO Content

SEO Content Program :

  • Modify and develop content that resonates with users and connects with them in search engines
  • Incorporate the latest optimization techniques into your strategy
  • Utilize our proprietary content scoring and recommendations
  • Measure your content success and make adjustments as needed
  • Transform your website from a static brochure into a sales tool that connects with users, drives them to a relevant page on your website & pushes them to take action


Step #1 – Keyword Research

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of any search-based engagement, your keyword targets can make or break your SEO campaign. Our team takes the time to get to understand your business, target audience and competitors, and then uses third party tools such as SEM Rush, Google Analytics & Google’s Keyword Planner to identify your potential keyword universe. From there, we prioritize your keyword strategy, based on your existing content and business goals.

Step #2 – Keyword Mapping & Content Expansion Planning

Once we have developed a keyword strategy, the next step is to figure out where those keywords will be represented on your website. Our team will pair your keywords with existing content where possible, as well as create a prioritized content expansion plan when needed.

Step #3 – Content Review

After we’ve established what keyword pairs with which page of content, we can begin the on-page optimization process. Each mapped keyword-page combination will be entered into our SEO Dashboard and run through our proprietary content scoring process. Afterwards, our SEO experts will give you our recommendations of how to optimize the page for search engine ranking without sacrificing user experience.

Step #4 – ONGOING

The work of content optimization is never really done, as there are always more keywords that you can target online. Once you’ve established great ranking for your core set of keyword phrases, we continue to support your online growth through additional keyword research & content development recommendations.


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